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Our teaching and non-teaching staff are here to help. To reach a member of our team call (905) 728-5521.

Staff Title Extension
Mr. Legacy Principal  
Mrs. Richard Vice Principal 8341
Mrs. Pettersson Secretary 4021
Mr. Benik Chief Custodian 4020
Mrs. Alchin Full Day Kindergarten 4006
Ms. Keenan Full Day Kindergarten (ECE) 4005
Mrs. McFarland Full Day Kindergarten  
Mrs. Conway Grade One/Two 4008
Mrs. Hope Grade Two/Three 4004
Mrs. Marche Grade Three/Four 4011
Mr. Cody Grade Five/Six 4016
Mrs. Riverso EIC Teacher 4002
Mrs. O'Hare Program Support Teacher 4001
Mrs. Campbell Teacher Librarian(pm) 4009
Mrs. Forget-Oullet French


Mrs. Colacicoo Educational Assistant  
Mrs. Nott Educational Assistant


Mrs. Tessier Educational Assistant  
Ms. Baxter Educational Assistant


Ms. Judge Educational Assistant  
Mrs. Byers Educational Assistant  
Ms. McAvoy Teacher for Hearing Impaired  
Mrs. Connolly English as a Second Language Teacher  

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